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danica_talos's Journal

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Danica Talos is an ambitious vampire who since Deacon Frost's demise has climbed her way to the top of the vampire chain. With no pure bloods around it was a simple thing to do. She is the daughter of a familiar, her father never amounted to more then a janitor for the vampires he worked for. Danica had bigger dreams.

The events of Blade Trinity all happened as we remember them. Expect for one minor twist. Before Daystar could be released into the air and infect the vampires, Danica ran. She went into hiding, hibernation of sorts, until the threat was gone. Hearing of other vampires through her ever faithful familiars she knew it was time to re-emerge into the world. Her empire was gone, thanks to the Nightstalkers. But she still held stock in some of the worlds most successful companies, making a come back for the vampiress difficult but not impossible.